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Control system to monitor the
specifications and dimensions
of the ampoules

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The Plant

The manufacturing plant of Techno Glass Plaxyu (manufacturing area: 52,000 sq.feet) is situated in the Korangi industrial estate Karachi which is the biggest industrial estate of the country. The plant has in its proximity the manufacturing facilities of multi-nationals and some of the biggest industrial concerns of the country.

Technology is old the day it is born; therefore, we have to be on our toes to keep up with rapid changes . Our ampoule manufacturing plant mirrors the latest technological advances.

Our strategy of upgrading, which is an on-going exercise gives us a cutting edge. One manifestation of this cutting edge is that dimension and misprinting problems have been reduced to an absolute minimum in our plant.

Ever since we have added more machines, our adherence to delivery schedules has become quite exceptional. In time delivery to the clients is a way of life with us.

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